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The talks of Apple upcoming Apple’s Tablet is everywhere and everyday. I enjoy their opinions. Here is a few good one:

Hours before, I like to have my part. One post interest me is that the fuse between multitouch mouse shell and iPhone. It suggested that the next iPhone’s back is a multitouch surface like that of a multitouch mouse. So some suggest the upcoming tablet should work like that. In fact, Apple patterned that back touching idea.

Here is my idea. the back area could act as the chording keyboard. That is, playing chords on the back of the tablet, you input text.


We had eWorld then all the “i” products and now we have “me”, what is the significance?

A good read: WhyMe.

I offer evidence only in my strictly unacademic impressions of the differences between ‘I’ and ‘me’.  For instance, ‘I’ implies activity, a doing and a being of something.  Ideologically, this meshes well with Apple’s provenance as the tool of the artist and its aim to imbue the user with the identity of Unique Creator of Digitial Artifact, of curator and distributor and master of his or her digital hub …. By contrast, ‘me’ implies passivity, an identity of self-evident existence without the burden of activity.  In the ‘me’ model, I exist by the token of my relation to my Contacts and Calendar.  In the ‘I’ model, I exist by the token of my photos, which I sync from my camera in iPhoto and upload to my iDisk.

A definitely legendary personality.

A good read: The trouble with Steve Jobs