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148 Apps limit on the number of apps “displayable” is arbratry, I have seen no reason that must be so. May be, the nine dots between the dock and the apps look best, not 12 dots, not 7 dots, and with that spacing between and beside them. It gotta to Steve Jobs’ arsfectic – his strong sense of “middle balance”. The first ipod has the phone jack right in the middle. The 9 dots has the middle dot and 4 dots beside it; and nine dots just fill 2 icon column nicely. Anyway, to the marketing nine home screen page limit is —  Dear customer, “you have spent about $200 on apps, you should spend another $2oo something for an new iPod touch” if you like to house your additional investment.

Practically, nine pages of apps make search reasonably fast enough for human eyes. I have no scientific data to support that. However, one page home screen would be perfect. How can this be done?


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