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After a few days of use, I removed it from my shared computer. The major complaint is that the tag arrangement is so “unnatural”. When old things work for them (to certain degree), people loathe changes. Other than this habitual reason, is there any things prevent people from upgrade? First, upgrade has to be proved having advantages out rate the downside. Safari’s good speed is the good side. If you can feel a great improvement in speed, the downside is may be overcame sooner or later.

Speed vs Habit…. I would choose speed if the site I frequent can actually benefit from it. If I am an hotmail user, no, no, speed is not even an issue. The site just doesn’t work. The upgrade is to be blamed. If sites I frequent is simple HTML site, not much Javascript, the benefit is marginal. I should wait until I am forced to upgrade or stay where I am.

Software interface is still evolving. The great idea can still be possible, even change the course of this evolution. Think of a hammer, the handling interface is fixed and complete. Designers may make more complete by varying the length of the handle, play with the shape or the thickness. Software interface is a different story.


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