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Why does Java have very limited use? Why did Adobe FLEX (make a runtime environment using Flash) fail? One word: SPEED. Why do I use something run a lot slower when I can run the same thing in my desktop much quicker and snappier?! The instant nature of things surrounding us conditions us to demand the result right of way. No waiting. Patient may be a virtue. When coming to a click to result, patient is overrated and ultimately worthless.

Speaking from the personal experience, clicking the mouse means something will happen right after. I, like many, have been conditioned to react so. When there is nothing happened, my first reaction will be – my computer hangs again. Damn it. Oh, the status bar is still moving… We have the network connection, the server responsiveness or the webapp to blame. However, to an average soul, the distinction among them is non-existing. With everything being equal, the ability to running the complicated JavaScripts with which the load and reload is done in the background is the key. The browser’s speed to execute complicated Javascript or render a page becomes the bottleneck.

Immediacy. That is, the response time of webapp is the same or faster when you click the mouse for local app. Then, the cloud computing and abandoning the fat PC will be an everyday reality.

Let just hope Google Chrome the web browser will smash IE. Let’s hope the competitive environment will nurture innovation. Removing the IE from the browser domination, Let Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome reveal their brilliance in a standard compliant web. Perhaps, IE may be come back with standard compliant, light weight, snappy browser. Who knows.


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