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F… stands for the web future for which everyone expects to be the desktop of today’s computer. The Operation System (like Windows) we takes for granted will only be part of the equation. The Web Browser is another part. Who produces better browsers take the high ground for the future battles. That’s the reason Google’s own browser makes such a noise. That’s reason why the new JavaScript engine matters.

Who is on the table at this moment. Internet Explorer (IE) is the fat happy guy, take 70-80% of the market sure. Firefox comes next (8-19%, depending on which stat you look). Safari (3.5%) and Opera come next. Safari and Opera are very aggressive to be standard compliant, in their attempt to pass Acid3 is fun to watch. Both Opera and Safari suffers from the Javascript hiccup. Safari has the solution in place – a new Javascript interpreter — SquirrelFish.

Firefox are working on new JavaScript engine — SpiderMonkey. They all said the new engine is much faster. SquirrelFish claims the 4-5 folds increase in rendering speed. The new Google Chrome‘s new Javascript engine V8 (make me think of a health drink) has more impressive speed, supposedly 10 times faster than IE’s Javascript engine.

The speed of Javascript really matters, it is the engine for “making the desktop into the cloud” and “running all the application on the web”; to make the “thin-client” a reality in a largest scale; to remove the pirated software; for software company to have unprecedent control over their app; to enjoy for practice-shift of PC ever. The bottom line is, people staying with their desktop application is simply the desktop application is snappy and responsive. It is the same reason noone like to do the Flash based web app. A speedy Javascript engine hence is the key.

At the end, it is because the Microsoft’s non-standard approach hold us back for a decade. The monopoly really speed thing up at the beginning. However, when IE became the de facto standard, innovation stops. It is because Microsoft only care about making money, not cashing on the innovation.

Let’s cross the finger for Google Chrome.

Extended reading: WIRED MAGAZINE – Inside Chrome: The Secret Project to Crush IE and Remake the Web.


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