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Once the AppStore open, we can foresee the apps with capability to edit files, with current iPhone, the files only stored as mail attachment is unsatisfactory. In previous post, I speculate on an iDisk-Finder hybrid for how files could saved and accessed to different apps in iPhone.

A “place” is needed in the long run to store files to which apps have access. An iDisk-Finder solution will be the best. Let play devil’s advocate. We are absolutely fine without an open filesystem. To the solution of accessibility is very simple. Saving files is even easier.

Let the apps save their files like Safari saves its bookmark. Let apps assess other app’s space where “files” are “saved”. Afterall, App is the master, the data or if you prefer call them files is only the slave. Why should we let the user worry about their data. When people open the apps, they will see their data. We can’t never allow people lie their hand on the sacred data, and personified it with icons. Given people the false impression that data are free to share. Icons are just facade for format slaves.

There are much true in it. We do see it happening in Adobe CS which comes with a file browser (Adobe Bridge). Aperture and Lightroom are both the excellent example of apps that management and modified file in house. Obviously, the universal purposed Finder cannot fully meet today’s need. Specific method of managing is tailored for different file type. In iPhone’s case, a general purposed Finder is not definitely out of the question.

Then, let the app manage their own files/data. If data needs to be exchanged, let it export in a file format and place it into the cloud where the iDisk located. Such method is using by all the webapps. The wordpress here let you manage your posts or pages. They will be not called the post or page a file. The idea of a files is simply non-existing. All there is data; managed by the webapps/apps themselves.

iPhone is like that, should always like that. Info you create is data, not file. Let’s keep it that way. Once you need to share it – place it in the cloud – never forgotten – never needed to search. It makes life simple, doesn’t it.

P.S. If you like to share your data, you will have to pay for MobileMe. Hahahaha…


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