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Why Microsoft Windows is called Windows? it is because beside the desktop and whether is a folder (directory) or an app, everything is in a window.  According to the democratic principle, majority rules. So be the name of the product. Bill may tell you a different story. 

When a new window is born, it sits on top of the old one. In essence, we have the fake third dimension. The Z-axis extends toward you ad infinitum, but never reach you. Just like your desk covers with paper, new paper is put on top of the old one. The difference is that given enough paper, you will see thinness. So as the metaphor goes.

Stacking windows can really create a mess. Have you ever worked with a computer with 15 windows opens. A real mess. Windows 95 had stolen the nice trick of taskbar to the rescue.  Similar idea is found in Dock at Mac OS X, but Apple’s implementation is at fault (much has been said, will links to some later).

To make the fake three dimension more palatable, Mac OS X added the shadows on the side of the window, creating a impression that the windows casts a shadow to its background. Making people to believe that a distance exists between a windows and its background. Later Windows follow suit.

So much can be done with it. windows is the basic unit, the windows stacking is as much as it could have been. This fake 3D is reaching the end. MS Windows 3.1 got it right. Tiled windows are better. It could be better.

Later. Good day.


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