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These are the essential elements for a modern GUI computer.
  • button (info, input)
  • radio button (info, input)
  • slider (input)
  • check box (info, input)
  • dialog box, alarm (output)
  • scroll bar (interactive)
  • text box (input)
  • menu (info, input)

First, people confuse buttons and icons, a mistake brought by MS Office. Microsoft gave their buttons nice graphic such that people can easily remember the use of the buttons. It worked and worked well. Now, the people think of icons, their mental picture includes the graphic buttons. 

Second, “interactive” here means that when you use the element to input, the element gives you immediate (vs timely) feedback. Keys on the keyboard is a good example — tactile feedback — when a key is pressed, you immediately feel that it has been pressed. 


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