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The mouse right click for PC user is as native as Mac user for beautiful icons. For a long long time, Mac had a one-button mouse, it remains apparently so even after the two-button mouse is introduced, that two buttons are hidden inside a smooth mouse surface. Right click is not intuitive to a Mac user. When one button can do job. Why bothers ? The Pro users will tell you otherwise, that a right click is a godsend from the crowded interface elements.

The right click in PC brings up an important system wide function — popup menu. This menu provides function/commands for the object your mouse immediately selected. What makes it great is that the menu are context sensitive -that is, the menu gives you different commands when different objects/area of the screen are selected.

Of course, there is such thing as 3-button mouse, and nowadays Logitech n-button mouse, crazy as it is. I never manage to like that, not to say use it.


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